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The ECOLE-network is a consortium of ten institutions from ten European countries: The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Spain, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Portugal and Slovenia. Find more about the ten partners of this educational network

The thematic area of ECOLE is the Educational use of ICT with the focus on innovation in education. Its main goal is to render available contents for collaborative learning projects and to create a learning community for teachers and pupils from compulsory education systems, who are involved in project-based learning experiences supported by the use of ICT.

International conferences, meetings and seminars under the frame of the ECOLE-network are held regularly. Information on previous events as well as on events happening in the future can be found here.

Links to interesting and relevant sites connected to educational issues followed by short summaries are available here.

C3 Networks
A list presenting the sites of some Comenius networks on the six different thematic areas – Evaluation of Quality in School Education,  Educational use of ICT,  Schools and the World of Work, European Cultural Heritage,  Intercultural Education, Combatting Violence, Racism and Xenophobia in Schools - is at your disposal.

The ECOLE Network offers working tools for every teacher interested in participating in
collaborative learning projects within the ECOLE framework, namely First Class. Register your interest, get an account and be part of the ECOLE community.



LEarning network

 We focus on

- making available web-based content for CSCL-projects
- information on new ICT-tools and electronic learning environments.

all about projects on internet
Taxonomy & examples of Int. projects
A detailed taxonomy of project types,
Project help
Project presentations
Project proposals
Project of the month

Invitation for short term projects
Short term projects in various areas are held regularly by the ECOLE-network. We invite all schools in Europe to participate and give their contribution to these initiatives which pretend to involve pupils, teachers and schools all over Europe.

We invite European schools to participate in a short term ECOLE project

Computer Metamorphosis
Europe, Let's Create Together

European Music
Promote European music and facilitate mutual knowledge

ECOLE Best club
The ECOLE Best Club is an interactive platform where best practices are collected, information disseminated and interactive resources developed to teachers involved in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.
Be part of this community of teachers by submitting your successful projects and sharing ideas, information, materials with colleagues from other schools in Europe.

Other ECOLE materials/ presentations
ECOLE materials and presentations that can be helpful or inspiring in the implementation and development of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) projects are ready for you to use and consul

The ECOLE forum is meant to be a space open to everybody’s participation. Sharing ideas, presenting tips, tricks and suggestions and the exchange of ideas and comments are the needed ingredients for its subsistence.
We are looking forward to your contribution and participation!
To ECOLE Forum!
ECOLE Newsletters
The ECOLE newsletters are a means of information and inspiration.
Register your interest above to be continously updated about ECOLE
If you want to advertise your project or share any information you consider relevant send it to us and we’ll publish it in our next issue.

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A network funded by the European Commission
under the Comenius 3 action from October 2001 up to October 2004
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