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ConceptDraw MINDMAP  is a software for mind mapping, brainstorming and visual thinking.

This program helps you to present ideas in the form, closest to the way the human brain works. It lets you present ideas as a visual map taking full advantage of pictures, symbols, text notes and the colour, to make your documents easy to comprehend and remember.

Benefits for Teachers and Students

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a useful tool for education when it is necessary to explain ideas, prepare reports and presentations, take notes on books and articles. It is suitable for individual work, demonstrations to an audience, group discussions.

Teachers can use this program for preparing lesson plans and students for thinking over essays and projects, since it enables you to to organize, generate, present your ideas in a simple and visual way.

Here you can see how to use it to explain concepts or notions


Pedagogical background

Team disscussions is the quickest way to find a solution for any problem.

This program uses  the world-famous Mind Mapping® technology*. Owing to the simultaneous use of words, special symbols, colour and images mind maps are really close to the way the human brain works, and contribute to effective information exchange. First you draft your ideas as a text and then convert it into a graphical map in no time.

(*)“Mind maps" are an efficient way to generate, plan and organize ideas based on associations. Creating a mind map, you start with putting a symbol with the main idea in the center of a page. Then you add key notions, questions and answers spreading from it in the form of branches. The notions are organized in a hierarchical order.

Pictures, colours and different symbols help to make a mind map really easy to read and remember. As a result you get a structured graphical map, with key words and pictures.

Mind Mapping is widely used in the fields where correct perception of information is vital.

In education it is useful both for teachers (to prepare lesson plans) and students (to think over essays and projects).


ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports most popular graphic and text formats. Export to MS PowerPoint, PDF and ConceptDraw Presenter formats means that your mind maps can be easily turned into a presentation. This is the only program of its kind that works on the Macintosh (and Windows as well). Moreover, documents and libraries are 100% compatible and can be freely moved between these platforms.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP Standard contains basic mind mapping and drawing tools, library objects and limited import/export capabilities. It's recommended to those, who don't create complicated documents and share them with others.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP Pro offers more power and flexibility. It includes support for hyperlinked multi-page documents, the ability to create and edit library objects, more of supported graphic formats - including PowerPoint and PDF.

 Here you can see how it helps you in preparing reports and presentations

 The Brainstorming module helps to generate ideas, or discuss them in the group. First you write down your ideas in the form of outline, and then convert into a visual map with a click of a button. The timer lets you time-limit the brainstorming session.

Format Map dialog lets you modify the appearance of the entire map (main and sub-branches, text size and colour, etc).

Branch Wizard makes it easy to work with branches at different levels (add, delete, rename).

In the Brainstorming mode you can type your ideas as a text outline, and then transform to a visual map.

Here see a sample of organizing brainstorming sessions

The HTML Export allows to place your documents on the Web easily.

Technical requirements


Macintosh Version:

Windows version:

Mac OS version 8.6 or higher (Carbonized for Mac OS X)
PowerPC 603e or higher (G3 recommended)
32 MB of RAM
30 MB of free hard drive space
CD-ROM drive (for installation)

Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP
Pentium or higher processor
32 MB of RAM
30 MB of free hard drive space
CD-ROM drive (for installation)


Target age

Primary and Secondary School


The above informative material is adapted from the ConceptDraw MINDMAP’s website.


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