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Fle3 is a web-based learning environment for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) and design. Fle3 is designed to support learner and group centered work that concentrates on creating and developing expressions of knowledge (i.e. knowledge artefacts).

Benefits for Teachers and Students

The environment is intended for those researchers and teachers  interested in using web-based technology for applying knowledge building or collaborative design pedagogy in practice.

By the use of this environment teachers' methods and practices of guiding, coaching, and tutoring students and the development of their pedagogical thinking in new learning environments are implemented. Teachers can run different courses; students can choose to attend any of them by sharing and adding information and knowledge with their classmates or students from both other schools and countries.

Pedagogical background

The use of computer-supported learning affects the development of participants' cognitive competencies, the growth of their expertise, motivation and commitment as well as the advancement of their collective knowledge.

This software is based on innovative models of knowledge creation and shared cognition.

Furthermore, this kind of tool allows the analysis and exploration of complex mutual relations between individual, socially distributed, and cultural-historical cognition.


Fle3 contains three learning tools.

Knowledge building: with this tool students can carry out knowledge building dialogues, theory building and debates by storing their thoughts and opinions into a shared database. Knowledge Building is a discussion environment for a structured knowledge building in groups. The knowledge building discussion is scaffolded by knowledge types, which label the thinking mode of each discussion note.

You can see the names and images of all the people that belong to the same course at the top  of any page in Knowledge Building. Your name is always first in the row. The others that are in the white box on the left are currently online. You can visit other people's WebTops from here. You can go directly to the Knowledge Building thread that interests you by clicking the subject of the starting note from the course page.

Here you can see the Knowledge building tool


WebTops: you can use this tool with your students to store different items (documents, files, links, etc.) related to your studies and organize them to folders and sharing them with others. Each user gets a personal Webtop.

Here you can see the WebTops tool

Jamming tool: it is a shared collaborative environment for building digital artefacts (pictures, text, audio, video, etc.). In jamming you may explore the possibilites of of changing a file (picture, audio, video, text, etc) by making new versions of the starting artefact together with others.

Here you can see the Jamming tool

Technical requirements

Fle3 is Open Source and Free Software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The license is protecting users (teachers, researchers, designers, software developers) freedom to use, modify and distribute Fle3. Fle3 is easy to localize to different languages (you have to translate only one file).

Fle3 is a Zope product, written in Python. Zope and Fle3 run on almost all Operating Systems (GNU/Linux, MacOS X, *BSD, etc.) and Microsoft Windows.

To use Fle3 you need a computer connected to computer network. However, a connection to "public Internet" is not a requirement as it is possible to use Fle3 just in a local area network or Intranet using Internet protocol.

Target age

Secondary School


The above informative material is adapted from the Fle3ís website.


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