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Project KickStart


Project KickStart is a software that helps you plan and schedule projects in a very fast and easy way. Its focus is on both planning a project strategy and building a project schedule. It offers you the opportunity to gather thoughts and put together a project plan outline very quickly.

Project KickStart also links to project management programs, such as Microsoft Project, and other programs, like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and your Web Browser.

Even if you develop your project in Project KickStart, you may value bringing the project data into one of these other programs. For instance, in Word, you can prepare a proposal based on your project plan. Excel can be used to estimate costs. The link to PowerPoint users to quickly make presentations based on their Project KickStart plans. Your browser can help you see how your project would look on the Internet. (You would use an FTP tool to place the page on the Internet.)

Project KickStart's links provide additional options to extend your thinking and enhance your communication about the project.

Project KickStart is currently being translated into German,, French, Italian, Danish and Dutch.

Benefits for Teachers and Students

In addition to being an excellent resource for project planning of all types, Project KickStart can be used as courseware to provide a powerful learning tool to help students learn the skills of organizing, planning, teamwork and completing projects.

Project KickStart helps teachers in demonstrating to students the types of things that are important to them when starting projects as well as the types of tools out there to assist them.

Teachers can use Project KickStart for the following purposes:

·        Course adoption (or courseware) - teach project management/planning skills

·        Help in grant writing

·        Plan their professional life

·        Plan a semester's curriculum and lesson plans

·        Plan projects with/for students. Mentoring.

·        Facilitate team work.

·        Consulting projects, with recognizable deliverables.

·        Writing books and articles, course outlines, research grants

·        Data analysis.

·        Class planning/work projects, keeping a history of what has been accomplished

·        Getting labs up and running.

Students can use Project KickStart for the following purposes:

·        Plan major assignments such a senior thesis, or a dissertation.

·        Plan creative projects such as science labs or class presentations.

·        Learn about organizing, planning, teamwork and completing projects.

Pedagogical background

Most of the value in any project is created by the quality of thought invested in the creation and design of the activities. Project KickStart is easy to understand and easy to learn. The examples and fill in areas help to get students started toward a deeper understanding of the theories and processes. Project KickStart takes the frustration out of starting a new project and helps in the critical initial-planning phase. It steps you through a thinking process that makes thinking up the tasks of a project fast and easy. Project KickStart not only helps students schedule for a project but it also gives them advise on what to consider when working on a project  and this is applicable directly to any project.


Project KickStart is a stand-alone application that you can use to brainstorm, plan and schedule projects. It is a tool designed to guide you from initial project concept to development of a basic project plan. It shares data with several of the more popular project management tools.

Project KickStart's 8-step planning icons focus your attention on the structure of your project (goals, resources, obstacles and other strategic issues critical to your project's success).

Here you can see the first step: Name.


Step2 - Phases      Here, you consider how the project breaks down into major activities or phases.

Step3 - Goals             This step helps you think of project goals and which tasks are needed to accomplish them.


Step4 - Similar      Lets you "borrow" tasks from "similar projects."

Step5 – People     Here is where you identify the people who will serve as the resources for the project and  consider what tasks they would do or suggest.

Step6 - Obstacles      This step is one of the most popular parts of the program. You focus on the risks that could impede progress of the project and tasks to avoid them.

Step7 - Assign      Here is where you decide who will do what. You can assign an individual, (team, or even department.

Step8 - Tasks       This step helps you pull together your project. Here, you see all the Phase and  Tasks in the plan, along with assignments and notes.

"Knowledge Libraries" of Phases, Goals and Obstacles serve as both a handy reference and a repository for company-specific information. You can drag and drop typical phase names, goals or obstacles from the libraries to your plan or add project terms to the libraries that may be specific to your profession or department.

With Project KickStart it is possible to :

·        Review and Edit plans

·        Schedule plans in two ways:

1.      Project KickStart's easy-to-use Gantt chart provides a timeline for each task in plan schedule. It is possible even "bump" tasks forward or backward to adjust the schedule. Mark tasks "done" for a quick status report.

Here, you can see a sample of a Gantt chart.


2.      Using Microsoft Office, there are very useful links with Outlook, Project, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.   

·        Print a wide variety of reports and share them with team members, management, clients and other stakeholders

·        Work with any size project (up to 1000 tasks and 100 resources)

·        Drag and drop hints from Libraries of Goals, Phases and Obstacles.

·        Use Reports Generator for unlimited reports

·        Save as HTML (post project plans on your Intranet)

·        Link to Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and ACT! (include project plans in proposals and               business plans)

·        Link to Microsoft Project, SureTrak, P3, FastTrack Schedule,  Project Scheduler, and Milestones, WBS Chart, MindManager

·         Have 10 sample projects

·         Have free technical support

System Requirements

·        Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP

·        32 MB RAM, 10 MB free disk space

·        Project KickStart may also be run on a Mac with “Virtual PC” installed

Target age

High School


The above informative material is adapted from the Project KickStarts website.


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