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advisory service on educational ICT tools

List of tools presented so far. They are grouped according to what they offer.
(Click on the titles to view the content.)

Concept brainstorming, diagramming and mapping

- Concept Draw Mind Map (Mind map.)
- Axon Idea Processor (Mind mapping)

Web publishing

- Edublogs- free
- Webmagazine - free

 3D chat (or 3D Virtual Environment)


- Active Worlds


- CUSeeMee

An advisory service on educational ICT tools will be provided in this page.

The following links show some advanced tools that are available for designing ICT-based educational experiences.

How to  choose among them?

How is it possible to implement them in my class?

Since January 2003 ECOLE BESTclub offers live on-line  training sessions to its members via the Distance Training service.
In the next pages you can find references to the following technological environments for education:

bullet 3D Virtual Reality Metaworlds for education:
bullet Concept-mapping tools
bullet Collaborative Knowledge Building
bulletWeb publishing

In the following months we'll develop more pages on:  (click the links below)

If you are a teacher and you found an interesting tool for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, and you want to submit info on it, please send an e-mail to us! We are interested in sharing info on educational collaborative tools and to improve these pages.

List of Tools presented so far. They are grouped according to what they offer.
(Click on the titles to view the content.)

Collaborative Knowledge Building

- Knowledge Forum (knoledge building)
Fle3 - free  (Collaborative Knowledge Building)
Synergeia - f
ree (Collab. Knowledge Building)
- Imagine Logo - (programing tool)

Text-based virtual reality environment

- Educational MOOs - free

Project management

- Project KickStart



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