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WebMagazine 2.5


WebMagazine 2.5 is a production and publication tool available in several languages offered by*) Itís an easy-to-use and reliable web tool created in a close co-operation with teachers and educational establishments. 
With WebMagazine 2.5, pupils and teachers can easily produce and publish material whenever desired on the web.

 To see a sample of webzine in education, click here:
A sample webzine

With WebMagazine 2.5 a pupil or student can edit a magazine without needing any knowledge of HTML. A school can reserve a magazine of their own by filling in a form available on the Internet. An individual network magazine is created for each school. The school can divide their magazine into sections for different subject areas or for the use of different grades.

(*) offers web-based services to schools and education institutes in order to help schools to integrate collaboration on Internet in their daily school work.

With WebMagazine teachers can:
          offer a motivating and user-friendly web tool
          use network in many ways in teaching
          improve students' opportunities for further education

Students can:
          develop and improve the ICT-skills and basics in e-learning
          work in co-operative ways in spite of the place and time
          use network in many ways in studying
          be more aware of the importance of new technologies in education

To see a sample of school magazine, click here
A school magazine

Benefits for Teachers and Students

There are many different possibilities for the use of WebMagazine: schools and classes can publish happenings and activities, announcements, reports, outcomes of different projects, etc.

To see a sample, click here
A sample

It is also possible to use it as a workbook for a certain subject or project.

To see a sample of webzine for a Comenius project, click here

A sample for a Comenius project

A webzine can be a mean to promote critical reflection or to provide an opinion and discussion forum on various topics.

To see a sample, click here

Pedagogical background

It is important to integrate web based tools in teaching and learning in order to develop and disseminate innovative and meaningful pedagogical methods. Web-based tools allow teachers to produce several kinds of teaching material (e.g. courses, modules, portfolios and guidelines).

The use of  WebMagazine can be a good mean to gather experiences and examples of good practices concerning the integration of web based learning environments and tools.

Schools can collaborate transnationally with thematic Web Magazines. They can also start cooperation in writing and publishing articles in their own magazines in foreign languages on agreed topics, themes and then visit the magazines by other countries and react. And this can be a good mean to give students the opportunity to be co-authors, rather than mere viewers of the world in which they will live.

To see some samples of school webzines, click here
A school webzine


With Web Magazine it is very easy to produce and publish articles, tasks etc. It is possible to attach links, pictures, video clips and even voice to the magazine.

Technical requirements

All tools are offered as ASP (Application Service Providing).

Users need only Internet connection and web browser to access the tools.

Target age

Students in Primary and Secondary schools


The above informative material is adapted from the following websites:

PEDA.NET  (, (, (


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